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Bent Humour Greeting Cards

Amanda Bent has been a graphic designer and cartographer for 15 years and she comes from a very quirky family with a unique sense of humour. With her sister Robyn’s “teachery” writing skills she started designing greeting cards in 2010. When Amanda’s Uncle Dave saw her crazy cards, he commented that she inherited the “Bent sense of humour.” And so an idea was born: Bent Humour Greeting Cards. Bent Humour cards have been accused of being sarcastic, sassy, naughty and sometimes, downright scandalous.  Their twisted (or, Bent if you will) sense of humour is mixed with cute little fun drawings Amanda designs herself that make sending an inappropriate card okay. Photo credit to Johanna Matthews.


Kiln Art Fish Series

Maybe it’s because they’re both Aquarians, but Kiln Art co-founders Sharon McNamara and Paul Palango seem inexorably drawn to the water and what can be found in it. In the Fish Series, Sharon has found an Absolutely Original way to use glass as if it were paint. Each of the dozens of fish in Sharon’s repertoire are hand-drawn, individually coloured and signed by her. The Fish Series is art on the table, not just on the wall.


Rosemary Lemon Cutting Board Oil

Swaine Street Woodworking’s Rosemary Lemon Cutting Board Oil is created for kitchen purposes from the best selected ingredients. Prepared by hand in small batches, pure white mineral oil is carefully infused with cold-pressed lemon and steam-distilled rosemary essential oils. This superior emollient formula penetrates deeply to renew and protect worn wooden items from damage caused by moisture. For use on wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks, and kitchen knives.


NovaScotian Crystal Canadian spirit Collection

As the only creator of mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal in Canada, NovaScotian Crystal craftsmen were moved by love of their country to create a tribute pattern. The design of the new Canadian Spirit pattern captures the essence of Canada in timeless crystal. It bears a distinct reference to the maple leaf, overlapped by three graceful cuts symbolizing the three seas that form the country’s natural borders. On the reverse side, the three lines intersect, a reference to the unity of Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Whether you celebrate Canada as your native or adopted home, or as a memorable travel destination, these finely crafted pieces will spread the light of big-hearted tolerance and harmony wherever they are used.


Ravenview Spiffy Spatulas

Colourful spatulas designed to liven up any kitchen! They are both functional and beautiful. Each spatula has a turned handle of beads and coves and is painted with durable, bright colours. These are Ravenview original designs – each one is unique! They range in size, colour and design. They are only $12. each!


Solid Ash Sandwich Boards

Ashwood Sandwich Boards handcrafted by Donna Hopper of Ashwurks Kitchen Accessories are designed so you can prepare, cut and serve sandwiches. They can also be used for serving cheese, snacks, sushi, meats, crackers, bread, or be used for light chopping. They are made of Canadian white ash and feature the various natural colours and grain patterns of ash. The underneath edges are bevelled to shape them like a plate and to make it easier to pick up from a table or a counter.