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The inspiration for these rings comes from various parts of Canada-  the Shoreline of the east coast, the Rocky Mountains and the eastern and western Arctic.  The circular nature of a ring reflects the cycle of our days and nights- and becomes a lovely metaphor for the passage of our lives. Allyson Simmie Metal Arts specializes in Canadian Landscape wedding and engagement rings. Her jewellery and sculpture pieces combine precious metals with select Canadian stone.


Kiln Art Fish Series

Maybe it’s because they’re both Aquarians, but Kiln Art co-founders Sharon McNamara and Paul Palango seem inexorably drawn to the water and what can be found in it. In the Fish Series, Sharon has found an Absolutely Original way to use glass as if it were paint. Each of the dozens of fish in Sharon’s repertoire are hand-drawn, individually coloured and signed by her. The Fish Series is art on the table, not just on the wall.


Bamboo Mini Joibox – Blundlojoi

Using Bamboo plywood, these Blundojoi items are free from harmful glues, paints and finishes. Lid teeters and spins when putting the duck family inside. Ducks come out of stands and all fit inside. All pieces come apart to reconfigure in imaginative ways (like a garage, ramp, or room). Pieces can also stand in slots on the sides. It’s compact, bring it everywhere to keep kiddie busy. It alsp comes apart and packs flat. Recommended for kids 3 and older.


Amiba Monsters

Amiba Monsters are designed by kids for creativity and kid appeal and shaped to be a comfortable travel headrest on those long drives. The bright coloured Amiba Monster is sure to be adopted quickly! The Monster’s unique bright flower coupled with the yellow and pink combination is a sure hit with the kids! As always, the practical side (travel headrest) is always a hit while travelling!


Rosemary Lemon Cutting Board Oil

Swaine Street Woodworking’s Rosemary Lemon Cutting Board Oil is created for kitchen purposes from the best selected ingredients. Prepared by hand in small batches, pure white mineral oil is carefully infused with cold-pressed lemon and steam-distilled rosemary essential oils. This superior emollient formula penetrates deeply to renew and protect worn wooden items from damage caused by moisture. For use on wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks, and kitchen knives.


2011 Leon Millot Luckett Vineyards

A juicy conversation starter, Leon Millot opens with layers of raspberries and cherries and finishes with smooth chocolate notes, all enhanced by American Oak. Ready to enjoy now or later, this dry red makes a strong connection with poultry, pork, tomato-based pastas and pizza, and can be served slightly chilled for a real crowd pleaser. Luckett Vineyards is proud to follow in the footsteps of several established wineries in the region that have been making headway with exciting varietals well suited to the area’s special growing conditions.


Louloubell Bridesmaid Clutches

louloubell Bridesmaids Clutch Set – saying thank you has never been so handy, or chic Your bridesmaids are your girls—they celebrated with you when you got the ring, they helped you decide on a wedding dress and they will be by your side on your wedding day. These ladies deserve a special gift that is as unique and lovely as they are. These clutches are among louloubell’s top sellers and it’s clear why; not only are they a stylish accessory, but they are a vital piece of formal affair gear. They are large enough to hold lipstick, tissue, blotting paper and cell phones, but dainty enough to be worn with the most formal of gowns.


Magnetic Squares Bracelet

Colleen’s Magnetic Jewelry Magnetic Bracelet with magnetite gemstones, rare earth magnetic clasps. Magnetic jewellery is a natural and non-invasive therapy that works for many people for pain relief and has been around for centuries as a natural health option! Colleen has gotten hundereds of amazing testimonials from people that wear her jewelry and have experienced great health benefits!  “works so good I can’t even tell when its going to rain anymore!”

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