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SALTI Nautical Rope Bracelet ’3rd Wave OMBRÉ-Caribbean’

SALTI bracelets are the perfect casual accessory for the outdoorsy type. Especially the water enthusiast. They are durable, comfortable and add character to your look. The 3rd Wave OMBRÉ Collection are hand painted with great care. The paint used is secret patented rubber coating designed especially for marine rope to resist erosion yet retain flexibility. As a lifelong sailor Cathy Davey knows ropes and the toll salt water can take so she makes SALTI bracelets with only the highest quality marine rope in the world. The bracelets will hold up very well under all conditions and will not shrink or stretch. The stainless steel shackle is marine grade and will not rust. Great for everyday wear too as they do not absorb water and are quick to dry after washing.


Magnetic Squares Bracelet

Colleen’s Magnetic Jewelry Magnetic Bracelet with magnetite gemstones, rare earth magnetic clasps. Magnetic jewellery is a natural and non-invasive therapy that works for many people for pain relief and has been around for centuries as a natural health option! Colleen has gotten hundereds of amazing testimonials from people that wear her jewelry and have experienced great health benefits!  “works so good I can’t even tell when its going to rain anymore!”