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Lavender Water Skin Tonic

Made with the steam-distilled hydrosol of fresh lavender buds, this Pearl & Daisy skin tonic balances the skin after cleansing. With steam-distilled witch hazel (not drying like alcohol-extracted witch hazel) and vegetable glycerin, it leaves skin feeling fresh and lightly moisturized.


NS Fisherman Rescue Balm

The largest organ of the human body, our skin, absorbs everything it comes into contact with. Water, sunlight, oxygen and the products we use. The all-natural Nova Scotia Fisherman Rescue Balm is made with raw ingredients nurtured by the sun and sourced as close to the Earth as possible. Soothe and relieve irritated skin with Chamomile, Nova Scotia Sea Kelp and Aloe extract.


“To The Point”- Bee Happy Balm

Made with all organic ingredients, this unique salve is highly concentrated with the medicinal healing properties of wild plants.  helps soothe and repair cracks on your hands or any other problem areas on your body. Excellent for knitters and quilters who experience painful cracks around their fingernails.